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    New to the CMIF? Please visit "Using Our Lab" and "Our Capabilities" pages to learn more about the instrument and services available at this facility.


    CMIF / OSUCCC MSR Training Policy Update

    Training is an Important Mission of the CMIF / OSUCCCMSR!
    Not only does it afford trainees the experience hands-on operation of sophisticated and expensive imaging systems but also has many other advantages. Intimate familiarity with our instrumentation allows users to explore aspects of imaging that they might not otherwise have considered and also brings down operating costs, a critical factor in budgeting research budgets. Working closely with experienced CMIF staff also allows trainees and our staff to mutually explore various approaches to experimental design, maximizing the quality and type of data afforded by our imaging systems. And of course generally a user that knows what they are looking for in a specimen according to the experimental design, which to a third party might not be so obvious.

    Currently We Are Operating Under an OR approved Phase III Covid SOP
    Which unfortunately due to social distancing restrictions, makes one-on-one training challenging. We have submitted a Phase IV SOP for one-on-one training when social distancing is impractical due to finer manipulations of specimens or instrumentation. Our SOP is under review and needs to be aligned with training protocols in the other OSU cores.

    Interim Training Procedures
    Meanwhile we have alternatives. Our trained staff can operate the instrumentation while the user observes – either at a distance (we have found that there is a surprising amount of co-ordination that can be accomplished by observing our screens at a 6’ distance and verbally communicating with our operating staff) or via zoom where a phone camera is set up to focus on the specimen, operating panel or the screen allowing real time communication between staff operator and the user.

    Future Digital Remote Training Options
    We are currently purchasing tripods for cell phones to allow such positioning. We are also working on putting together a library of training videos to cover some of the more basic aspects of each instrument. We will continue this effort even when the Covid restrictions are ended since these may replace the more basic one-on-one initial training, thus freeing up time for our staff to work with more users and give them more time to work on experimental design, methods development and equipment proposals.

    We understand your frustration but please rest assured we are as keen to get back to training as much as you are! - Paul

    New CMIF/MSR Associate Director

    free v pn加速器We are excited to announce that Dr. Tong Zhang will be joining us as the new Associate Director of the CMIF/MSR. Tong received his BSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Biology from McGill University and was previously Light Microscopy Specialist for the Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Core Facility at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla. Tong brings a wealth of experience with varied light microscopy techniques including super resolution imaging: SIM, STED, PALM/STORM, X-Clarity & Lightsheet; FRET, FRAP and photoswitchable protein imaging; multi-photon imaging; spectral imaging; TIRF; FCS; spinning-disk; Zeiss Airyscan; laser scanning confocal; laser dissecting microscopy; wide-field fluorescence imaging; deconvolution imaging; live-cell imaging; DIC, phase contrast, dark field and bright field imaging. Tong has over 15 years of experience in microscopy and will take a leadership role in the execution of technical and management functions within the CMIF. Tong provides professional trainings to ensure users to accomplish high quality research. He will also provide consultation to users and help researchers to transfer their scientific questions into microscopy solutions. Tong has applied his microscopy knowledge and skills in many fields of studies and published in top tier journals. Tong has won many local and international microscopy competition awards. We welcome Tong onboard in the next couple of months.

    Message from CMIF-MSR Directors Paul Stoodley and Allan Tsung

    Update: CMIF / OSUCCC MSR opening with Covid-19 restrictions Monday June 8th.

    Good news, our reopening protocols have been approved by the OSUCCC and the Office of Research for stages 1 and 2. Please read to the attached document for complete guidelines. To comply with personal distancing restrictions we are limiting room and total facility occupancy and will not be able to offer hands on training or facility group tours at this time. CMIF staff will be available to assist users trained prior to the Covid-19 lockdown.

    Super High Resolution Microscopy Update: The Nikon SIM/TIRF/STORM system has been delivered and is currently in crates. It is to be housed in the BRT 268 suite. This space is being remodeled to house the instrument and be compliant with BSL2 experiments. The remodeling process might take 3 months and during construction equipment housed in BRT 268 will be relocated to other CMIF areas.

    Please be patient with us as we try to work through Covid-19 restrictions, the remodeling, and the accumulated backlog. We hope everyone is staying heathy and looking forward to getting back to research in a safe manner! Paul.

    CMIF-MSR Staff and User Guidelines for safe use during Covid-19

    Paul Stoodley, PhD.

    Director, Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility (CMIF)
    Professor, Departments of Microbial Infection and Immunity and Orthopedics
    Infectious Diseases Institute,
    The Ohio State University, 716 Biomedical Research Tower, 460 West 12th Avenue, Columbus OH 43210

    Tel: +1 614 292 7826

    The CMIF is pleased to welcome our new TEM specialist Jeff Tonniges

    Jeff has over 10 years of experience with light microscopy and over 7 years of experience with electron microscopy. He received an MS in physics from Creighton University and a PhD in biophysics from the Ohio State University. Jeff has considerable expertise in applying standard and advanced techniques in light and electron microscopy to a diverse array of research questions. In particular, he is interested in quantitative image analysis, and developing new microscopy protocols and techniques. Jeff enjoys working with others to achieve their research goals

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    Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
    CANCELLED - Sign up using the contact us form here (or use the contact tab above). Please put "Confocal Training" in the comments box. You will then be registered and will not receive a confirmation email. Attendance at this free monthly seminar is required before receiving one-on-one confocal training.
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